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Macaw’s Nest (“Ninho da Arara”) is a country estate we share with Laura, our Blue Macaw and long-time resident, who symbolizes the harmony between nature and elegance, which resonates throughout. Nestled in Rio’s most spectacular mountainous region, this home offers European charm; eight, uniquely appointed suites; an African bar as well as a poolside cachaça and tequila bar; sauna and massage service. The fireplaces, garden veranda, large swimming pool, lush grounds and duck pond contribute to a restful ambience, yet the town center is just 4 km away and just one hour from Rio’s international airport. We strive for distinct attendance and invite you to nest with us for a few days.

Rod. Philuvio Cerqueira Rodrigues, 4000 (Estrada Itaipava-Teresópolis, Km4) Itaipava - Petrópolis - RJ
Tels.: +55 (24) 2222-3617 or (24) 2222.7195

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